Williamstown Workshop 2019

Join Tom in the blue Berkshire Mountains of Williamstown, Massachusetts, from July 20-27, 2019. The attendees will have the unique opportunity of actually staying in R.H. Ives Gammell's summer residence - a place with two large north-lit studios and full of memories.

The locale is so inspiring that you'll want to be up and outdoors painting earlier than the 8 a.m. breakfast time. Then go out for the morning to watch Tom demo and instruct. Afternoons will be spent in a location of your choice. There are vibrant green fields, historical buildings and blue mountains on every side.

Tom demonstrates plein air painting every day

Painting at the Galusha Farm in Williamstown
Before supper you'll have the opportunity to set your work out and receive a critique from Tom. His insightful suggestions leave each artist, from beginner to more advanced, feeling encouraged and hopeful with something specific to work on.

Evenings are spent having supper, family-style, enjoying delicious food and good conversation. Books and publications from Tom's own library will also be available for reading anytime.

Suppers hosted by Tom and Katy Dunlay,
delicious food and good conversation

A class visit to the Clark Art Institute, which houses an incredible collection of superb art, is also on the agenda.

Tom Instructing Through the Clark's Superb Collection
Price includes painting workshop, accommodations, meals for Monday evening - Sunday evening. Price does not include transportation or materials.

Workshop Pricing, $1950.00
Deposit of $450.00 due at time of registration with the balance due on June 1st.

To register, please fill out sign up form here


  1. I have experienced all three of Tom's workshops with Williamstown being the most recent and all have been an incredible fun and most valuable experience! I am a full time painter who more or less had gravitated to the "block in the darks first" and tended to "chase the light" for too long a period of time throughout the day. I knew Tom had a different process in approaching a painting however I wanted to learn as much from him as I could on all aspects of painting so I attended with an open mind. However I must be honest that I remained resistant and stubborn on changing some of my ways in approaching a painting that I had become comfortable with. Over time I started to see the end results of taking a different approach in simply "blocking in the large shapes", "preparing your canvas for the next days work", utilizing a simplified pallet and not "chasing the light" for too long a period of time. It has definitely changed my approach for the better! It is an exhilarating and uplifting experience when you make a breakthrough in a process that you have a great deal of confidence in that you know will result in better picture making! I can not thank Tom enough for his patience and his fully logical and understandable explanations of the benefits of the "Boston School" process to picture making!

    These workshops are a total "ALL ART" consuming experience from the time you get up in the morning until your head hits the pillow at night. The week is filled with discussions on art history often coordinated by Tom at the supper table and Tom usually selects a topic and keeps everyone on topic. The food is delicious and there is plenty of it! You will not spend a dime the entire week for everything is included and when you consider the total art experience along with the entire package including lots of laughs and fun filled learning days this is a great value! In addition to all the art instruction, critiques and art history discussions Tom and his wife Katy who are most gracious host really put together a most pleasant, fun filled and rewarding week!

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